Executive Committee

Jackie Turner


Liz Pachaud


Tyrone Grandison


Erika Chen

Appeals Chair


Jessica Bhuiyan

Executive Director

World Without Hate

With over sixteen years of experience in the non-profit sector, Jessica Bhuiyan is an incredibly passionate leader within the social justice and human rights advocacy movements.


Tyrone Grandison


Tyrone has a fervent advocate.

Aaron Oravillo

Program Associate

Nia Tero Foundation

Aaron Oravillo is currently splitting his time between work and studying issues related to social justice, equity, and inclusion at school. Aaron cares about the rights of the homeless, and he is conscious of the need for indigenous sovereignty.

Erika Chen


Erika Lian Chen Consulting

Erika Chen is a social justice advocate whose work in human rights started in high school, while leading SUCA (Students United for Cultural Awareness) and SEED (Seeking Equity, Education, and Diversity).

Claire Guilmette

Social Sector Data Consultant

Claire Guilmette Consulting

Claire is a data-driven management professional focused on solving problems for social sector organizations. Her values of deliberate thought and action, empathy, and social justice guide her career and life.

Liz Pachaud


Social justiça champion

Brian Egger

Senior Advisor

US Government Accountability Office

Originally from Beaverton, OR, Brian Egger received his bachelor of arts in politics from Willamette University, Salem, OR in May 2007 and masters of public administration from American University, Washington, DC in July 2009.

Robel Mulugeta

Rotational Associate

Zillow Group

Robel previously worked for the Emerson Collective doing community economic development work; assisted in inequality research; and interned for social impact startups and nonprofits around issues of affordable housing, urban sustainability, and inclusive voting.

Jackie Turner

Community & Culture

Champion for the underserved